Corporate Clothing – Making the Perfect First Impression

Published: 30th May 2010
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T Shirt Printing ServicesThese days, corporate clothing has become a crucial part of the corporate sector. It simultaneously identifies one organisation, excludes others, and can serve to make a superb impression on customers, colleagues and consumers alike.

In a huge sprawling corporation, corporate clothing can ensure that everyone within the organisation is similarly dressed. Corporate clothing serves to show uniformity, indicates professionalism and can therefore undoubtedly encourage increased staff loyalty.

Not only does corporate clothing garner an image of honesty and trustworthiness, but done well it can look extremely elegant, possibly even boosting client confidence and therefore driving sales. Its effectiveness cannot be underestimated.

A huge variety of organisations now use corporate clothing, across both public and private sectors - your postman and milkman in the morning, your phone engineer and tyrefitter, or your nurse or dentist. Construction companies also often use corporate clothing now, immediately transforming the image of a chaotic building site to one of a busy workplace of uniformed workers!

corporate clothingAnd corporate clothing doesn't have to be expensive, just as low-priced uniforms don't have to sacrifice quality. Comfortable corporate clothing is almost always less expensive than business attire and being comfortable can increase company morale too, and believe it or not - hours worked!

According to the Promotional Products Association of America, the number one product growth category is corporate clothing. "Custom made corporate apparel builds your corporate identity, boosts employee morale, and increases pride in your company".

But the popularity of corporate clothing is not limited to big multinational corporations. Many small businesses use corporate clothing as a cost-effective alternative to print, radio and television advertising.

So, if you are sold on using corporate clothing, and you want to look for a good corporate clothing supplier, it is worth bearing in mind the following:

  • Corporate clothing garments should be comfortable, stylish and durable.
  • Look for a corporate clothing company that provides a free sampling service so that you can be sure you get style, size and quality absolutely spot on.
  • Good customer care is crucial - make sure your corporate clothing supplier can deliver your order to the right spec and on time.
  • Look for a corporate clothing company that can brand lots of different types of clothing - caps, bags, fleeces, in fact whatever your business and your staff may need.
  • Try to work with companies that have no minimum order.
  • Shop around to find the most competitive prices.
  • Look for fashionables stock items and pleasing patterns too.
  • And always try to find a company with in house embroidery and printing services - ensuring you a one stop shop for all your corporate clothing needs.

In short, your corporate clothing should constitute beautifully tailored garments, your order should be supported by friendly and helpful customer service and advice. And you should look for tremendous value across stock ranges. Good companies such as Creative Apparel in Stockport, Evolve Branding in Peterborough and Fanela in Leicestershire, should be able to tick all these boxes for you, and more.

With these facts in mind it is worth thinking of your corporate clothing order as an investment, not as an expense. A polished, professional image just might translate into more satisfied, loyal customers and bigger and better sales!

Sara Allom writes about corporate clothing and the importance of it. These clothes should be comfortable, stylish and durable. She walks us through the corporate clothing beautifully. Get more information at fanela's t shirt printing services.

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