Using Embroidered Clothing to Promote your Business

Published: 24th May 2010
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Embroidered clothingEmbroidered clothing is a really superb way of promoting your business or product. Long lasting, professional and superbly finished, good quality embroidered clothing is often seen as more subtle than printed t shirts, and more fitting for the corporate market than screen printing. Embroidered clothing gets your brand seen, but doesn't overdo it - it's understated and smart, without being too expensive.

What's more, embroidered clothing is versatile - you can embroider a company logo or slogan on to practically any piece of clothing, the most popular being polo shirts, sweaters, caps and fleeces.

Workwear such as overalls or even all weather gear can be embroidered to create long lasting uniforms that are easy to wash and that can come in all sizes.

And embroidered clothing is important for social and sporting organizations too. At club events or meetings you can increase awareness of a group and get a club name in to the public eye - classic car owners groups, stag weekends, golf tournaments, sports and old school reunions, the list is endless. Embroidered shirts are an inexpensive way of showing membership of an organisation, and therefore creating the feeling of inclusion; of producing a great keepsake of a special occasion; and embroidered clothing can make great low cost prizes in competitions and quizzes too.

In essence, embroidery is the process by which a design is sewn onto a garment using a computerised embroidery machine. The process gives a highly professional long lasting appearance and is suitable for most text or logo graphics. Modern industrial embroidery machines give a really professional finish too.

Embroidered DesignOn the production side, most logos submitted to a clothing embroiderer have to be manually redrawn in a format that can then be read by the embroidery machine. This conversion process is known as digitisation. The best machines for embroidered clothing are eight head machines, and the better branded clothing companies can have as many as ten of these machines in house. Each machine is capable of embroidering 15 colours, and can even embroider designs on clothing pockets. Of course clothing can be hand embroidered too, but as a much more skilled and labour intensive process it is far more expensive and therefore not suitable for mass production of corporate and promotional clothing.

On the negative side, embroidered clothing may sometimes cost slightly more than screen printing, and can sometimes work out more expensive for larger logos. It is not ideal for graduated colour effects - where printing is more reliable, and it can sometimes be tricky to recreate small text legibly when embroidering.

Of course, like anything, embroidered clothing is best when high quality -well designed and generously cut shirts that are fitted for superior comfort are best, with bright and fresh embroidery designs. Companies such as EED in Dunstable, Fanela in Leicestershire, Indigo in London, and T print in Lancashire have invested in the latest embroidery machines, enabling them to provide advanced embroidery services of the highest quality. From basic embroideries to more complex, 3D effect & appliqué designs, a good embroidered clothing company can provide you with the embroidery of your choice, on pretty much any garment, cap or bag.

The best companies also have full in house production, from design origination to finished embroidery, which gives them total control of quality and delivery schedule, and which makes them pretty unbeatable on price too.

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